Quote: "We love our Wiggles N' Tunes CD and play it all the time in the car! I am thrilled to have my child in such a wonderful program."

Dawn, mother of Noah, 15 month-old

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The Wigglin Continues At Home
Parents and caregivers can share the joy of music at home and contribute to their child's musical growth.

Our highest-quality music CD's are FREE with enrollment and complement the Wiggles N' Tunes classroom music experience. There's a different CD for every program collection in the children's music series, and they can be personalized with your child's name too! Every CD includes a FREE 20-page interactive lyric and activity songbook.

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Our Trio Of Award-Winning Music Collections have been compiled and adapted with love for infants, toddlers and their parent/caregivers.

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Carefully selected multi-cultural folk songs are performed with our unique Wiggles N' Tunes twist.

An unbelievable value, each CD includes a 20-page lyric and activity songbook, our trio of CD's includes over 90 tracks jam-packed into more than 3 hours of all-time favorite kids' music.

The Wigglin', Singin' and Playin' Collections make great gifts for family and friends too! View List of Songs.

These fun-filled, upbeat, lively and playful tunes have been arranged in differing tonalities and rhythmic meters with music fundamentals interwoven throughout every song, guaranteed to captivate every child's attention with hand-on feet-tapping, sing-along and play-along fun! Tonal and rhythm patterns, the critical building blocks of the music language will nurture a child's ability to think musically providing a "balanced musical diet" to grow on!

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